A Fateful Demise

It’s a trail of emotions i felt when one day, I found a very beautiful blooming tree with Scarlett blossoms was cut down ruthlessly. I want to see a world where there’s not only empathy for humans but also for any living creature! So here it is:

She had this veiling beauty;
Her scarlet barrettes shone in her fluttering hair,
And she danced with the gentle wind;
Till she met her fateful demise in despair.
Are all bewitching damsels destined to die? “Well,we all are”,I speak to myself in reply!
She lived her life all at once and gave me a winsome sight.
She’ll live forever in my forgetful thrifty mind!



  1. In a time when most teenagers r busy falling in luv n pening their thoughts about the same it’s good to see you think bout something which is right in front of us yet we conveniently ignore it’s presence.
    Good job !

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