Silhouette of my daydream

I wrote this piece as a gift to my father. It’s based on the most beautiful and the only one memory I have with my Baba(Dad). Due to circumstances I cannot stay with him. He visits maa and me every weekend. I wish these days end soon!

My mind took me in a sweet reverie,
So gleeful the li’l lassie was and so merry!
The crimson sky stretched with no beam,
It shone in her eyes like a bitsy gleam.
The rusty fields seeked infinity;
The roads treaded in perpetuity!
Sitting on that baked concrete,
She watched the setting fireball paying it’s greet-
With the loveliest company she could ever have had
It was none other than her beloved dad.
Holding his hands,she prowled around the arid meadows,
A dandelion in hold and lump of innocence is what reflected in their shadows.
He tossed her up in the sky so high,
The silky nebula seemed to be nigh!
The scene gradually faded in desolate nihility,
As I came back to the blatant world of reality.
Wonder,how a broken ride on front seat-
With her dad was her one and only greed?
I cherished that single memory of my father again,
Knowing that this moment can never be revived and gained!




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