Yesterday I was feeling very low. And it was a strange feeling. It was as if everything was slipping out of my hand. Something is going far away from me and I just want to stop it somehow. When after a fierce tornado,a streak of light just peeps in from the window sill but again the tornado overpowers and engulfs everything! Here’s how I drew a comparison with my predicament :

Like a thirsty traveller lost in the vast,arid desert,

On finding a sign of a pool that will quench his thirst,

He puts all his strength to reach it thus.

Miles long,the sandy loams blew all over the scorching horizon,

Longing and desperation plummeted to reach the watery chasm.

It became almost impossible for the sufferer to strive any longer.

The last ray of hope,although, pushed him hard and kept him stronger.

Finally when he comes closer and near,

He saw the pool soaked up by the earth there.

The raging ball of fire couldn’t be anymore afflictive.

Desolate and forlorn the scene seemed so plaintive!

It took away all the chances of his longevity.

He gradually perished there,unclaimed and none closeto affinity.

With a foolish thought constantly beckoning that he’ll rest in peace,

With a drop of manna and his beloved’s kiss.



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