The immutable promise of fleeting times.


I consider this day a very ‘fate-full’ day because today the apricity of my world was born 18 years ago. She’s my best friend in whom I’ve found the craziest, most evil sister. I know I’m running a little late. But before this day ends,I want her to go through this because this is what I have to gift her. Happy Birthday Mantushi! ❤ Thank you for making me believe that one can find a family in a friend. You are my little family. 😊

So…here it is…

This is to our innocent yet deep-rooted bond we share:

I have a curious and delirious companion

She stays with me through thick and thin,

Leaves a tinge of gawkiness in everything.

She embarrases me a lot of time.

Makes me ‘dream’ about my crushes through her prurient lines,

In the end,she paints my fluffy cheeks in scarlett blush,

But still expects me while sleeping, to keep hush! (*rolling eyes*)

My evening tea doesn’t feel forlorn cause of her constant bantering

Except for the times when there’s deafening lightenings(Haha. Spilled the beans!)

Her flamboyant ideas amalgamates so well with my thoughts,

Because of her,I don’t feel like seeking the company of fancy lot!

There are days when I find her savoring her own time.

It agitates me but then who doesn’t yearn for solitude sometime.

Her tough love makes me want to believe in miracles again,

It startles me how is she so annoying yet the best mate I’ll never gain?

My faith in friendship was wavered for a long time,

I’m grateful,you restored the faith that chimes-

You’ll be there for me always and so will I,

No matter how much high we soar towards the sky!




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