A Desperate Yearning

Distorted images and befuddled memories-all heads back to my inscrutable consciousness.

Denial is the only weapon I have in disposal

And,how the dark black void shrouds every corner of mine leaves me helpless,

Helpless for not being able to get out of where I don’t belong.

Helpless because it makes me vulnerable and a misfit

A little leap of faith is what I needed and here I stand bemused and bewildered in midst of a labyrinth of diarranging perplexities.

I don’t know where my destiny is taking me to-the perilous doom or a la’vien rose,

Or the exhilarating trail none wanted to embark on.

I want to know where in the abject nothingness,the oblivion is taking me to.

For that,nothing should hold me back.

I want to stay steady on my keel and explore what the desolate groggy wanderers talk about;

Of lost mystical enigmas and beauties of Neverland.

I want to drown myself in poetry, love,music,adventure and indelible frenzies,

Create kairos with what will never make me remorseful

I want to live for once the life I’ve dreamt of-wild and freewheeling!



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